Do you sell to the general public?
Custom coins and patches yes. Custom badges, generally not unless a specific need can be demonstrated. At no time will we ever sell a police or fire badge or patch - or even a reasonable facsimile - to anyone but an authorized purchaser from that department.

I'm a police officer. What if I have a letter from my chief stating I can purchase a "second" duty badge?
In most cases that is something we can easily accommodate.

How do I get a project started?
Easy, just call or e-mail us. Tell us what you have in mind and we'll take it from there.

Is it expensive to get started?
Not at all. Other than an art fee which will be credited towards your purchase, no money's due until you place an order.

I know I want to do a coin, but what if I don’t know exactly what I want or I don’t have artwork?
No problem. We have an exceptionally talented staff artist who can create almost anything you wish.

What's your most popular project?
Going into this business we were not sure what to expect but our customers have proven it is our 42 and 45mm custom coins. Roughly the size of an Eisenhower silver dollar, the coin is a good weight and feel and is something you can be proud to put your name or logo on.

Are you willing to match a competitor’s price on your challenge coins?
If you compare apples to apples yes. But, if you are being quoted a price on a 2 color soft enamel 38mm coin, and you want us to beat it with a 15 color hard enamel 45mm coin, we cannot do it because they are two very different products.

How does your one price coin shopping work?
Shop the competition. You will discover they charge you for plating, enamels, a die fee for each side of the coin and by the color! To us, that’s like buying a car then being told the engine, doors, seats and a steering wheel cost extra! One person we came across even charged a per unit fee for the cut of the coin. To comparison shop we looked at what it would cost for them to do one of our 45mm, 15 color coins.  When it was all said and done, the coin that our competition quoted as being  $3.51 per unit wound up being $16.50 per coin once you factored in all of the added on costs. OUCH!

What kind of savings can you do on custom patches?
One prospective client asked if we could replicate their official patch. Not only was our quality better than what they had been ordering, our per unit price wound up being 60% LOWER. 

Do you only work with businesses and government or can I make a personal coin for myself or my family?
Yes! We encourage creativity so by all means tell us what you want and we will do it. 

Can you make a coin in precious metal?
Absolutely. We can work with gold, silver, or any other metal you wish. As long as it doesn’t set off a Geiger counter and you can afford the market price of the metal, we'll be happy to fulfill your order.

Can you replicate obsolete currency?
Sorry no. What we can do and what we will do are two different things. We're on the good side of the law and we wish to stay that way.

Everyone claims to have the best product. How can I really be sure?
Our factory once made the medals for the Olympics. Enough said.

Do you ever sell my information to third parties?
If you want a 3rd party to have your personal information you would have already contacted them and provided it. We will NEVER share your information.

Where did you get all of the war posters?
99% of the posters we use on our website were made during WWII. Today most can be found in the National Archives and are public domain - feel free to copy and use them. We posted them here as a remembrance for the greatest struggle by the greatest generation to save the greatest nation on Earth.

Images displayed on this website are for historical reflection. They do not imply or express support for anything other than the brave men and women who took up arms to save the world from the Imperialist Japanese and the Nazis during the world's greatest struggle for freedom. Let us never forget the greatest generation, our WWII veterans...Without them freedom would not be possible.
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